DX Release Notes

November 14, 2023
DX has been retired and therefore is not available for download anymore. 
This document applies to production patches delivered between Jahia version and
Warning: The next version Jahia Service Pack (DX will come with the folowing noticeable changes:
- The Content and Media Manager module will be used as a replacement of the Document manager, Content manager and Site manager. The Content and Media Manager is already available on the store.
- Jackson library upgrade to version 2.9.8. This is a mandatory security upgrade. Please contact the Jahia Support if you have forced the "wiring" to Jackson 2.2.3 in your modules


Security: APIs are protected with a token system in the security filter


  • Upgraded Apache Tika to version 1.20, which also upgrades PDFBox, Apache POI and Commons Compress to include latest security fixes.
  • Upgraded Apache Commons Compress to version 1.18 to include latest security fixes.
  • Upgraded Apache PDFBox to version 2.0.13 to include latest security fixes.
  • Upgraded Apache Commons FileUpload to the version 1.3.3 to include latest security fixes
  • Upgraded Apache POI to version 4.0.1 to include latest security fixes.

Installation / Configuration


  • Support attachments for e-mails sent using Jahia MailService
  • Cache hashCode and toString values of immutable NodeId objects (Jackrabbit)
  • Use filename for downloaded file instead of technical name
  • Fixed issue with overridden mandatory properties
  • Fixed targetTag option for template:addResources
  • Stabilize template resolution
  • Cache compiled patterns in JSTL functions:matches()
  • Avoid NPE Error when displaying a page with bad HTML structure
  • Fixed improper shutdown on UNIX-based platforms when using a kill command
  • Updated placeholders to make labels visible with bootstrap 3 components
  • Fixed inconsistency of copy/pasted references after export/import
  • Fixed duplication issue in workflow notification emails
  • Improved unused versions checker performances
  • Fixed trailing slash issue in vanity URLs

Work In Progress

  • Restore behaviour of the wip.checkbox.checked flag for edit content engine


  • Avoid race conditions in caching of files, served by Jahia


  • Corrected French label for file upload


  • Trigger rules when removing visibility condition
  • Fixed visibility condition delete / publish related issues


  • Added possibility to exclude file references from search results when searching in site content
  • Added support for "did you mean" search suggestions on non-internationalized content (e.g. files)
  • Fixed {{pagePath}} JSP tag to allow multiple tags on a single page


  • Improved some publication status labels
  • Fix publication issue in specific cut and paste scenario

Remote Publication

  • Improved target Jahia instance label in remote publication settings


  • Fixed import validation related issues

Permission and Roles

  • Fixed check of privileged group membership when handling permissions updates in particular scenarios
  • Correctly update ACL when a role is deleted from admin console

Edit Mode

  • Order lists in edit engine alphabetically
  • Fixed grouping by status issue in background jobs window
  • Use server timezone in the edit engine

Module deployment

  • Remove the entry from FileInstall file of a module uninstalled via REST / UI


  • Prefill supertype field in Studio with jnt:content
  • Display nodetypes with same names in list restrictions choicelist
  • Prevent corruption of templates using references

Anthracite Theme

  • Fixed focus on content type selector field when adding new content
  • Fixed display of long names in import-popup
  • Improved consistency of action buttons in publication dashboard
  • Fixed refresh button in background jobs window
  • Fixed headlines in trash dashboard table
  • Fixed display of managers
  • Fixed width issue in workflow dashboard that was preventing remote publication
  • Fixed layout for background-jobs-information panel in Safari
  • Fixed drag and drop behaviour in edit mode
  • Changed "No" to lowercase letters in delete-confirmation popup
  • Fixed placement of publication status overlay in edit mode
  • Improved contrast for pager and padding between icon and labels
  • Fixed issue with menu sub-entries
  • Fixed missing icons and labels when opening managers from Studio
  • Fixed search in edit mode issue
  • Fixed issue where area which was covered by left panel was sometimes not clickable
  • Fixed display of multiple long or double fields in edit engine


The following modules have been updated in DX

Support tools - 2.1.7

  • Improved tools for re-indexing JCR node sub-tree
  • Added possibility to enable automatic thread dump generation on high load (request count, JCR session count, ...)
  • Sort groovy scripts coming from modules in Jahia Tools Groovy Console alphabetically
  • Execute karaf commands from the tools
  • New database connection speed benchmark
  • Fixed the link to enable full-read-only mode in tools section

Site Settings - 7.2.7

  • Show correct message if a user already exists when creating user with csv file

CKEditor - 4.7.1-jahia2

  • Use correct language when opening picker from content editor

LDAP Connector - 3.1.5

  • Upgraded spring-data-commons to version 1.13.17.RELEASE to include latest security fixes

Rating - 2.0.5

  • Use average vote for ordering in the "Top rated" component

Module Manager - 1.1.7

  • Improved Module Management Rest API to provide info on all bundles and all versions. Documentation.

External provider - 3.1.6

  • Internal improvements

Remote publishing - 8.2.1

  • Internal improvements

Search - 7.2.5

  • Updated form to add the possibility to exclude file references from search results

GraphQL Core Provider - 1.0.6

  • Upgraded Apache Commons FileUpload to the version 1.3.3 to include latest security fixes