DX Release Notes

November 14, 2023
Warning: The next version Jahia Service Pack (DX will come with the folowing noticeable changes:
- The Content and Media Manager module will be used as a replacement of the Document manager, Content manager and Site manager. The Content and Media Manager is already available on the store.
- Jackson library upgrade to version 2.9.8. This is a mandatory security upgrade. Please contact the Jahia Support if you have forced the "wiring" to Jackson 2.2.3 in your modules
This document applies to production patches delivered between Jahia version and
Please note that the patches provided in DX (retired version) are included in DX


Edit Mode

  • Fixed date fields with custom format in edit mode


The following modules have been updated in DX

External provider - 3.2.0

  • Internal improvements

Google Analytics - 2.0.4

  • Configure google analytics cookie expiration time in site options