Jahia 7.3.10 Release Notes

November 14, 2023
Jahia 7.3.10 is the last planned maintenance release for Jahia 7.3, as it is entering limited maintenance.

What's new?

  • Several third-party libraries have been upgraded to benefit from their latest security fixes. See the changelog below for the details.

Spring bean modifications

As there has been no changes in our Spring beans, you do not have nothing specific to do if you have customized your application context in the file digital-factory-config/jahia/applicationcontext-custom.xml.

Library upgrades

The following libraries were updated between Jahia and Jahia

Library Version in Jahia Version in Jahia
Apache Shiro 1.7.1 1.8.0
Apache Tomcat 9.0.45 9.0.55
Google Protobuf Java 3.15.3 3.16.1
Jasig CAS Client for Java 3.2.1 3.6.4


Updated modules

The following modules were updated between Jahia and Jahia

Module Version in Jahia Version in Jahia
CKEditor 4.7.1-jahia4 4.17.1-jahia1
Default 7.9.0 7.10.0
External Provider 3.5.0 3.6.0
Graphql Provider 1.10.0 1.11.0
Jahia CSRF Guard 1.4.0 1.5.0
Macros 7.1.2 7.1.3
News 2.0.4 2.0.5
User Dashboard 7.2.0 7.3.0

Jahia - Changelog


For more detail about the minor library upgrades, see the Updated modules and libraries section above.
  • Upgraded Apache Shiro to 1.8.0
  • Upgraded protobuf-java to 3.16.1
  • Upgraded cas-client-core from 3.2.1 to 3.6.4


  • Remove duplicate static resources in the <head> tag if they also exist in <body>
  • Fixed issue while browsing a website in live in its default language when urlRewriteRemoveCmsPrefix = false
  • Fixed export issue when fieldnames begin with a numeric character
  • Removed mandatory language check for publication when node is marked for deletion
  • Removed publication info when copying/pasting a node
  • Fixed issue with the maintenanceMode Jahia property not taken into account
  • Removed useless warning log "This node doesn't exist in this language" when a page is not published
  • Fixed issue when using date facets in external data provider
  • Fixed undeletion issue with internationalized contents
  • Fixed issue with dynamic initializer not available until the module is started
  • Removed the "Paste as reference" button when the copied content cannot be pasted in the list


  • Fixed export issue caused by broken references to EDP nodes
  • Fixed import site stuck because of a SVG file
  • Fixed cross site references issue during import


  • Fixed an exception with OAuth and Spring Webflow

Server/Site Administration

  • Flushing all caches now also empties the generated-resources folder
  • Removed mail-1.4.7.jar (as javax.mail-1.6.1.jar is already deployed)


  • Fixed a 404 error when opening a preview from the workflow dashboard


  • Upgraded packaged Tomcat to 9.0.55

Modules - Changelog

CKEditor (4.17.1-jahia1)

  • Upgraded CKEditor to 4.17.1

CSRF guard (1.5.0)

  • Changed module-type of jahia-csrf-guard to "system"
  • Removed csrf token from error.html pages
  • Added possibility to set CSRFGuard properties

External data provider (3.6.0)

  • Added a refresh of external sessions on embedded extensionSessions
  • Fixed potential memory leak with JCR sessions

GraphQL (1.11.0 - depending on 7.3.10)

  • Added the ability to publish all nodes down the tree via a GraphQL mutation

Macros (7.1.3)

  • Fixed macros regex to prevent backtracking

News (2.0.5)

  • Fixed locale format for pubDate in RSS template

User Dashboard (7.3.0)

  • Added logic to display home page for preview link for users without edit access