Jahia Release Notes

November 14, 2023

What's new?

You might notice a change in our way of numbering our versions: the 3rd digit is used for bug fix versions that we release on a regular basis (usually every 3 months). We now reserve the 4th digit in case we need to fix a critical issue in a hotfix. Here are the highlights of this release:

  • You can now copy and cut content into other modes and tabs. For example, you can copy a component in Content and Media Manager and paste it in Edit mode.
  • New karaf command can be executed after permanently removing a node from the cluster, to prevent overgrowth of the journal table. For more details, see Permanently removing a node from the cluster.
  • The consistency of the administration panels has been improved in the Anthracite theme. This Anthracite version comes with number of minor improvements.
  • Version creation is now configurable and has been tuned by default, improving performance during site import and publication. Get configuration information in Versioning.
  • The Tomcat version has been upgraded to 9.0.24.

Spring bean modifications

  • If you have customized your application context in the file digital-factory-config/jahia/applicationcontext-custom.xml , please consult the list of changes we made in our Spring beans as you might need to update your configuration.

Update MySQL JDBC driver

Jahia - Changelog


  • Made full read-only mode more robust
  • Added a Karaf command to remove a node from a cluster for good
  • Avoid external session creation leak when setting cookie on user node
  • Removed unneeded JavaScript sources files from web application

Edit Mode

  • Return 503 error when accessing backend pages when server is in read-only mode
  • Moved the page model option in the options tab in the Edit Engine
  • The Go to content entry no longer displays on files
  • Fixed flicker effect in Edit Mode on mouse hover in Chrome browser


  • Made import with expandImportedFilesOnDisk setting more robust


  • Fixed character encoding issue in installer

JCR Search

  • Fixed highlighted text for exact match searches

Module Management

  • Fixed the remove all modules button


  • Creation of versions is now configurable per content type
  • Changed “Unpublished” label to “Previously unpublished” in email templates
  • Fixed incorrect publication info when a modified content appeared as never published
  • Removed "Compare 2 published versions", "Show published versions" preview modes from Edit Mode

Remote Publication

  • Made full read-only mode more robust


  • Fixed cache inconsistency with concurrent access


  • Upgraded Tika to 1.22 and upgraded XStream to 1.4.11
  • Excluded unnecessary resources from build
  • Fixed security weakness with CSRF request in webflow

User Dashboard

  • Fix card title size in My Settings

Work In Progress

  • Previously, content with jmix:autoPublish was published even if marked as Work in Progress. Now, such content marked as WIP is not published anymore.
  • Fixed inconsistency when changing the WIP status in different languages several times

Anthracite Theme

  • Improved consistency of anthracite administration screens
  • Improved mark as deletion display in content tree
  • Improved Workflow Dashboard when no workflows are listed
  • Added tooltip to burger menu
  • Fixed background menu colour when navigation menu is pinned in Edit Mode
  • Improved the Site Settings and Server Settings tabs in Admin Mode
  • Improved display of navigation panel
  • Improved readability of the action buttons in the Edit Mode header
  • Improved color for newly created pages in Edit Mode page tree
  • Updated Publication Manager icons to match the rest of the application
  • Added a tooltip to the publication status in Edit Mode with publication details and pathname
  • Harmonised icons between different apps
  • Improved form layouts in the CK Editor
  • Improved readability of labels in Workflow Dashboard
  • Fixed cancel button location in the Publication Manager
  • Fixed dropdown background color in the Edit Content page
  • Fixed a synchronisation issue in Edit Mode when the page is loading
  • Fixed issue with the Settings button in the navigation panel in Edit Mode
  • Fixed content selection layout issue when pinning or unpinning the navigation panel in Edit Mode
  • Fixed issue with automatic resizing of the language selector in Edit Mode
  • Fixed clickable zone in content picker error
  • Improved loading time of Anthracite theme
  • Improved discoverability of filter sites functionality in the site switcher
  • Fixed scrollbar issue in Edit Engine when running Firefox on Windows
  • Fixed long labels issue in the background jobs window
  • Improved readability of pages marked for deletion in the Publication Manager
  • Fixed issue with hidden language selector in Managers


  • Full read-only mode is now activated cluster wide
  • Moved urlrewrite-webdav.xml from core to jcr-remoting module
  • Improved the icon resolution to fallback on mimetype when the file name does not contain the extension
  • Removed dynamic choice lists from cascading in the Edit Engine
  • UrlRewriteService is now available as an OSGi service
  • Reorganized cards in Web Projects page
  • Disabled "Remember me" button in read-only mode
  • Tested with latest mysql-connector-java-5.1.48.jar
  • Prevented NoSuchItemStateException during indexing for missing lock properties
  • Added missing French translations for pager (pagination)
  • Added mandatory constraint support on multiple text fields
  • Fixed synchronization issues with module registration
  • Fixed unexpected update of cluster members list
  • Corrected duplicate parameters issue in URLs in Edit Mode
  • Prevent node reference content to display error message in production mode
  • Prevent NPE issue at startup

Modules - Changelog

Bootstrap3 - 3.6.0

  • Added ability to use an HTML anchor to open tabs in a page

Content and Media Manager - 1.3.0

  • The tree area in Content and Media Manager can be resized
  • Copied/cut content can now be pasted in other modes / tabs
  • Content and Media Manager now opens in new tab
  • Fixed cursor over content with nested content
  • Fixed issue with pasting content in a list in Content and Media Manager
  • Fixed height of Manage tab
  • Applied Site settings selector permission to the Manage feature in CMM
  • Fixed zip import in CMM on Windows
  • Update language switcher color

CMIS Provider - 2.3.0

  • Fixed issue with search results not working for files with ? or : in them

Distributed Sessions - 2.0.0

  • Support of distributed sessions using hazelcast

External data provider - 3.3.0

  • Made full read-only mode more robust
  • Removed property tab in Studio on jnt:template node type view as such properties are not supported

GraphQL - 1.2.0

  • Added GraphQL fields: formattedDateValue and formattedDateValues
  • Fixed sources mapping with SDL module

JCRestAPI - 2.5.0

  • Upgraded Jackson to 2.9.9

LDAP Provider - 3.2.0

  • Improved consistency of anthracite administration screen

SEO - 7.2.0

  • Improved SEO rule for renaming duplicate vanity URLs after import or copy and paste

Server Settings - 8.2.0 and 8.3.0 (EE)

  • Added missing permissions to access some administration panels