Jahia 7.3.4 Release Notes

November 14, 2023

What's new?

  • Support for zip and unzip operations in Content and Media Manager
  • Allow non-ascii characters (using UTF-8 encoding) in vanity URLs
  • We have improved the performance of facets. See the Upgrading from a previous version? section below to find out how.
  • Update to jQuery 3.4.1 to benefit from security fixes

Spring bean modifications

  • If you have customized your application context in the file digital-factory-config/jahia/applicationcontext-custom.xml , please consult the list of changes we made in our Spring beans as you might need to update your configuration.

Improve the performance of facets

We have improved the loading time of faceted lists in this release, and this improvement is done in the JSP files of the facets, default and tags modules.

  • If you are using our default views, then you will automatically benefit from this improvement.
  • If you are using your own views for facets, lists or tags then you will have to update them to integrate our modifications, listed below, in order to benefit from the performance improvement. Otherwise, your facet lists will still work the exact same way, but without benefiting from the performance improvement. 

Please find in the "modified view" column links to the modifications we made:

Module artifact id Component Modified view
















Jahia - Changelog


  • Fixed regression, introduced in, with encoding when calling Vanity URL with a query

Jahia - Changelog


  • Fixed regression, introduced in, where TemplatesCache needed to be flushed after a module update
  • Fixed the creation of mandatory properties which are also hidden and autocreated

Jahia - Changelog

Anthracite Theme

  • Fixed issues with side panel when returning to Edit Mode from Administration


  • Fixed random NPE on startup of dx-commons-webpack
  • Unicode characters are now supported in vanity URLs
  • Unit tests now load src/test/resources before src/main/resources
  • Updated descriptions in jahia.properties
  • Fixed deadlock issue that occurred during concurrent page rendering and module deployment
  • Fixed rules exception
  • Support added for colons (:) in file names from VFS sources

Edit Mode

  • Removed repository exception warning when accessing the Edit mode


  • Fixed issue that occurred when exporting a site with a file path containing a quotation mark (‘)


  • Fixed wiring issue when installing multiple modules with the REST API

JCR Search

  • Fixed sublevels in hierarchical facets

Legacy Managers

  • Fixed exception occurrence when using drag and drop in Document manager with the Default theme

Module Management

  • Fixed error when refreshing bundles with spring


  • A user-friendly error message now displays when users try to unpublish newly created content


  • Security enhanced against possible XML External Entity (XXE) attacks
  • jQuery has been updated to version 3.4.1


  • What’s new link updated in the jahia.properties file
  • Updated documentation of the term tag in the tlddoc

Modules - Changelog

Assets 7.3.0

  • jQuery has been updated to version 3.4.1

Content and Media Manager 1.4.0

  • Content and Media Manager (CMM) now supports zip and unzip functionality. You can now unzip to create the file and folder structure from the ZIP file in CMM. You can also create a ZIP file that contains files and folders from CMM.
  • Added icons for different filetypes in list view
  • Fixed error when CMM is accessed in different languages
  • Use actual thumbnail for PDF in thumbnail view
  • Last selected view is now saved to improve the user experience
  • Improved highlighting color for item selected with right-click
  • CMM now supports quotation marks (‘) in site names

Cookie Policy 1.2.0

  • Cookie policy message is now escaped

External data provider 3.4.0

  • Support added for colons (:) in file names from VFS sources
  • The choicelist initializer order defined in Studio is now respected
  • Fixed issue with nodes iterator. Now all files that match the correct permissions are retrieved

Facets 7.2.0

  • Improved the performance of facets (see above)

jquery 7.2.0

  • jQuery has been updated to version 3.4.1

Remote Publication 8.3.0

  • Fixed issue with a workflow task available for the root user only

Server Settings 8.3.0

  • Removed Database settings and System environment variables tabs from Administration to prevent access from functional users

Site Settings 7.4.0

  • Fixed session serialization issue in group administration pages

Tags 7.3.0

  • Improved the performance of facets (see above)