Jahia 7.3.5 Release Notes

November 14, 2023

What's new?

  • The new clearLocks permission allows users to unlock content locked by other users. It is granted by default to server administrators
  • Visibility condition being triggered using the server timezone, we are now displaying this server timezone when setting visibility conditions on content
  • We introduced support for languages coded with 3 characters, following the ISO 639-2 format
  • The compatibility with ImageMagick6 has been restored

Spring bean modifications

If you have customized your application context in the file digital-factory-config/jahia/applicationcontext-custom.xml , please consult the list of changes we made in our Spring beans as you might need to update your configuration.

New permission - clearLock

A new Remove locks on contents (clearLock) permission has been added. It allows a user to remove a lock on a node using the context menu, even if the user is not the owner of the lock. This permission is available by default to server administrators, who can then grant it to other roles. To do so, they need to set it on Permissions on current site>Other permissions>Remove locks on contents.

Note: Use the removing locks feature with caution. Always verify the owner of the lock first, as it is not recommended to remove the lock when the corresponding content is part of a publication workflow.


Jahia - Changelog


  • Fixed regression, introduced in, with encoding when calling Vanity URL with a query

Jahia - Changelog

Edit Mode

  • Change drag & dop icon in Edit Mode
  • Disable publication related buttons when user has no permission

Module Management

  • Added the ability to install a distribution with a space in the URL


  • Fixed incorrect properties of CacheEntry leading to missing content
  • Fixed zip site import on Windows
  • Fixed by removing the uploaded files after the request
  • Fixed conditional lists update
  • Fixed the creation of mandatory properties which are also hidden and autocreated
  • Fixed apostrophe issue in system name of commentable
  • Fixed dependentProperties on choiceList selection
  • Fixed encoding issue when calling Vanity URL with a query
  • Fixed issue when saving node after changing system name and added visibility condition
  • Display server timezone in "visibility" tab
  • Introduced support for 3 letter language codes
  • Use HTTPS when accessing Maven central
  • Introduced a new permission to remove locks
  • Restored support of ImageMagick6 (additionally to ImageMagick7)

Anthracite Theme

  • Fixed issue with language dropdown clipped
  • Fixed graphical issue on the file upload
  • Added a missing scrollbar when many SEO mappings are configured on a page
  • Improved user experience when adding category while editing content in anthracite
  • Fixed an issue with an menu overlay in edit mode
  • Fixed a missing scrollbar in edit engine screens on chrome
  • Fixed a layout issue in which the left panel was over-expanded in some situations
  • Fixed a layout preventing a WCAG error to be displayed properly when saving rich text


  • Added a size constraint on displayed file in the Studio


  • Fixed issue while unpublishing weak references

JCR Search

  • Added a cache dependency for search terms in custom search component


  • Improved the way GraphQL get the referenced node

Modules - Changelog

Content and Media Manager 1.5.0

  • Added a delete menu for imported folders created by system
  • Allow the use of jmix:visibleInContentTree or jmix:cmContentTreeDisplayable to display items in content tree.

Remote Publication 8.4.0

  • Fixed issue with cache not flushed when a user/group is created

Facets 7.3.0

  • Display mixin type in parenthesis in facets fields