Jahia 7.3.6 Release Notes

November 14, 2023
Release notes corrections
The previous version of the page incorrectly indicated that the Jahia installer included Tomcat 9.0.34. The correct version is Tomcat 9.0.37.
The "Fixed error with classcast when deploying or removing modules" core changelog note was also missing from the previous version.

What's new?

  • Enhanced protection against CSRF attacks
  • The following libraries have been upgraded to benefit from their latest security fixes:
    • Spring 3.2.18
    • slf4j 1.7.26
    • Atmosphere 2.3.10
    • Camel 2.25.2
    • jodConverter 4.3.0
    • Shiro 1.6.0
  • JCR integrity checks, accessible from Jahia tools, can now be executed on a subtree

Spring bean modifications

If you have customized your application context in the file digital-factory-config/jahia/applicationcontext-custom.xml , please consult the list of changes we made in our Spring beans as you might need to update your configuration.


Jahia - Changelog


  • You can now set org.atmosphere.interceptor.HeartbeatInterceptor.heartbeatFrequencyInSeconds in the jahia.properties file
  • To avoid conflicts, the system name of a child node is now read-only when a child node is created
  • Fixed issue when starting a bundle in the default cluster group by preventing module operations from failing when state cannot be persisted
  • Fixed issue with openJDK 1.8_262 by upgrading icu4j
  • Removed delete button from list ordering in GWT
  • Fixed error in splitting rules for substring and first characters
  • Updated log message to log language (if available) when path not found
  • Fixed read-only mode operations on a single node cluster
  • Fixed error with classcast when deploying or removing modules


  • Included CSRF Guard module
  • Upgraded Camel library to 2.25.2
  • Upgraded Spring to 3.2.18.RELEASE
  • Upgraded SLF4J to 1.7.26
  • Upgraded JODConverter to 4.3.0
  • Upgraded Shiro library to 1.6.0
  • Upgraded Atmosphere library to 2.3.10

JCR Search

  • Upgraded Apache Tika to 1.24.1

Edit Mode

  • Fixed issue in default infinite pager by updating the js scroll condition to greater than or equal to instead of absolute equality
  • Fixed issue on site node when debug log is activated
  • Removed duplicate fields on inherited mixin

Legacy Managers

  • Fixed display of lots of subfolders


  • Upgraded the Tomcat version provided by the installer to 9.0.37
  • Fixed links to the Academy in the installer

Modules - Changelog


  • Fixed broken links in bootstrap3-tabs


  • Fixed encoding issue when calling Vanity URL with a query

Content and Media Manager

  • Fixed error message when accessing CMM
  • Fixed random CMM infinite loading page on Firefox
  • Updated documentation about requirementsAction

LDAP Connector

  • Changed behavior of Reference Node to allow edition if reference can not be found anymore

Jahia Tools

  • Added possibility to run integrity check on a subtree
  • Added a log warning if the uuid is an external node