Jahia 7.3.7 Release Notes

November 14, 2023

Updated modules

The following modules were updated between Jahia and Jahia

Module Included with
Jahia Jahia
Content and media manager 1.6.0 1.7.0
Graphql Core Provider 1.6.0 1.8.0
Jahia CSRF Guard 1.1.0 1.2.0
Server Settings 8.3.0 8.4.0
Site Settings 7.4.0 7.5.0
Tools 2.4.0 2.5.0

Please refer to the changelog notes below for details about the modifications to these modules.


Jahia - Changelog


  • Fixed an error preventing the component from rendering if the first state in flow.xml is an action-state
  • Added scheduler for Datastore GarbageCollector
  • Fixed issue in which JSActionItem ignored allowedTypes in some cases
  • Fixed empty log when read-only mode is enabled and a user tries to login with "/start"
  • Fixed specific choicelist initializer
  • Fixed issue with moving config files during Jahia upgrade if file already exists
  • Removed X-Requested-With header when not necessary as it was causing issues with CSRF
  • Removed button for unavailable types in restricted areas in Page Composer
  • Fixed issue where missing primary keys in tables was causing issues with MariaDB Galera
  • Added refresh for dependent bundles after module upgrade

Felix Fileinstall

  • Stabilized module start after restarting server


  • Updated commons-codec to 1.13 which is expected by the POI library
  • Improved performance on export of environments with a large number of users and ACLs


  • Fixed issue with applying configuration files for all cluster nodes after module upgrade

Remote Publication

  • Fixed event ordering in mixin

Modules - Changelog

Content and Media Manager (1.7.0)

  • Added the file size of images in thumbnail view
  • Added the number of items in the card for a folder
  • Improved layout for thumbnails with landscape orientation
  • Fixed error with image picker to prevent breaking the generated DOM
  • Fixed a layout issue in Image/File Picker with long list of files
  • Fixed issue with preserving folder hierarchies in zipped files
  • Fixed an issue with query encoding in SQL3 search by using base64
  • Fixed contextual menu issue in image picker
  • Fixed URL encoding issue by using base64

CSRF Guard (1.2.0)

  • Fixed issue with CSRF Guard on Websphere by adding an alternative configuration
  • Fixed actions being blocked due to not finding proper CSRFGuard token
  • Fixed CSRFGuard to register the JavaScriptServlet as servlet (Websphere)

GraphQL Provider (1.8.0)

  • Added property to return the binary size of a node
  • Fixed an issue with the GraphiQL client
  • Fixed an issue with preserving folder hierarchies in zipped files

Server Administration (8.4.0)

  • Updated the public app store URL to use https

Site Administration (7.5.0)

  • Added support for case insensitive search of users and groups

Tools (2.5.0)

  • Added current cluster node ID to the Tools home page