(Upcoming) Server-side actions & tooling

May 25, 2024

Jahia’s JavaScript functionality will grow over time, and we list here some of the features that will become available in future versions of the server.

  • Filters: in Java modules, filters make it possible to execute code before or after any content object rendering. This feature will be made available in JavaScript modules by making it possible to implement filters using JavaScript.
  • Actions: actions are used to implement logic when a form is submitted or, in general, an HTTP POST request is performed with a *.do extension. Currently only available for Java modules, this feature will be made available to JavaScript modules to make it possible to implement actions in JavaScript.
  • Migration scripts: the ability to provide migration scripts in JavaScript will also be added in a future version
  • Rules: currently, rules use a custom syntax called Drools DSL. A future version of Jahia will make it possible to write rules in JavaScript.