Using Jahia Starter Templates (alpha)

November 14, 2023

The Jahia Starter Template allows you to quickly turn any HTML template into a Jahia site. Jahia developers will notice that they won’t have to create a new module or use the Studio to do this.

This module is in Alpha version, meaning that no support will be provided until it is officially released. The intent is to let you explore a new way of integrating simple sites with Jahia. Please use the forms at the bottom of the pages to share your feedback about the feature itself, what you would need to use it in production, or if the documentation is lacking information.
The Jahia team

Warning: The Jahia Starter Template module overrides the default behavior of the Image (from Document Manager) - jnt:ImageReferenceLink component. Deploying this module on your platform will impact all the sites relying on this component. See the technical documentation.

About the templates

If you are new to Jahia, please skip this step.

This template set is empty and only provides a way to define the site styling and assets using jContent and Page Composer. Resource inclusions are done either using a free text area or by uploading CSS and JS files in the /files folder of your site in jContent>Media).

Developers are invited to create pages and use the Page Model feature to create the page templates that can be used in the site.

The DOM of the pages has to be contributed using HTML files uploaded in jContent, using specific attributes in the HTML code to define the different content areas.