Welcome to Marketing Factory 1.8 ! 

Marketing Factory 1.8.0 has been be released on December, 1st 2017. Support of your GDPR compliancy policy, built-in contextual help and and setup flexibility: discover all Marketing 1.8 features by reading the two presentations below.

What's new ?

Marketing Factory 1.8 main goal is to help your company be compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) through our consent manager, download my profile and anonymize my profile features. 

The properties manager is now available to easily create, group, sort and manage profile properties and the visitor profile has been rebuilt for you to easily see and search any data related to a specific profile. 

You'll also notice a new button on every Marketing Factory pages, it's meant to guide you to the right page of the user guide in Jahia academy. 

Under the hood, your network administrator will be pleased by the new options that we offer regarding the setup (more flexibility regarding private and public urls). 

Marketing Factory and GDPR

As an introduction of the GDPR topic,  it needs to be reminded that:

  • It is each company's responsibility to be compliant with the GDPR, a software can only help you to comply to specific articles
  • GDPR will be applied starting on May 25th 2018
  • GDPR is a regulation, which means that it doesn't need to be "translated" in each EU country law, it can be applied as it is (even though some existing country laws will be adapted to match the GDPR)
  • GDPR only applies to data that are considered as personal, data that can be used (including in combination) to identify natural persons.

 As a reference, you can find the GDPR text law here . 

So, how does Marketing Factory help ? 

  1. The consent manager allows digital marketers, legal teams or IT to declare data processings. Consent to these data processings can be asked to visitors in two different ways : a popup displayed on a given page view or when filling a form. This feature ease compliance with Article 6 "Lawfulness of processing" and Article 7 "Conditions for consent"
  2. "Download my profile" allows visitors to download any data that was collected by Marketing Factory or integrated with it. It helps complying with Article 15 "Right of access by the data subject".
  3. "Anonymize my profile" give visitors the opportunity to delete every properties declared as "personal identifier", the profile left will therefore be totally anonymous.   

The Marketing Factory team.


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