Written by The Jahia Team
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Marketing Factory 1.8.1 and Apache Unomi Jahia 1.2.2 are hotfix versions, including bug fixes and minor improvements.

Apache Unomi Jahia 1.2.2

Bug fixes:

  • Revert some changes in Unomi 1.2.1 
  • Internal performances improvements
  • Replica and monthly replica parameters not taken into account for new index
  • <Unomi>/cxs/profiles/existingProperties returns a 500 error code
  • Rules, actions and properties are imported silently without a mention in the logs
  • Some buggy HTTP request to Unomi are returned an HTTP code 200 with an empty body

Marketing Factory 1.8.1

Bug fixes:

  • Re-using consent type identifiers across sites does not work
  • Profile Import/Export - Does not work in clustered Unomi
  • Display File search instead of page search in file picker
  • Interests - No control on value entered
  • Preview panel input not applied to personalised slider (preview for server side personalization)
  • Preview panel - missing persona when not in the default language
  • Personalization - custom condition "-" (delete) button is not displayed the first time the condition is displayed
  • Personalization / Optimization tests - Only display allowedTypes when adding variants
  • Page personalization - first variant displayed regardless of condition if consent given
  • Properties manager - cannot save unstable cards
  • Rules - Missing mandatory field validations on rule creation form
  • Rules - Add to list action displays the lists from all the DX sites


  • wem.js - "createClickEvent" method
  • Rules - Dashboard would benefit from the priorities information
  • Condition - Profile past event - Make "Look only in the last:" mandatory
  • Collect page DX tags, category, page id and template in page view events