Marketing Factory 1.8.0

March 6, 2023

These release notes capture changes from Marketing Factory 1.7.1 to 1.8.0.

Apache Unomi

  • ElasticSearch major improvements (5.6.3, mapping improvements, index templates)
  • Properties tagged as "personal identifier" are not stored in unomi session object anymore
  • More flexibility regarding usage of internal or public address (http or https, on one or two endpoints)
  • New back-end rule, to update profile properties by event

Marketing Factory

New features and improvements

  • Create / edit / delete profile properties from "profile properties manager" 
  • Profile - See properties
  • Profile - See analytics data
  • Profile - See Profiling data
  • Privacy - Download my profile
  • Profile - See the consents
  • Consents - As an admin, Create / edit / translate consents types
  • Consents - In consent manager, see percentage of profile that accepted / denied / were never asked a consent
  • Consents - A consent form is displayed when a page or content is shown
  • Consents - Use a consent as a rule trigger
  • Privacy - Anonymize my profile should use tag "is personal identifier"
  • Privacy - Use "Anonymize my profile" as an event available for rules
  • Access to academy from MF features / Contextual help
  • Ability to add interests on contents that can be rendered as content template