Enabling rich text in forms

March 6, 2023

Using Content Display(Rich Text)

This document will demonstrate the usage of the newly introduced Content Display input.

Content Display allows the use of the well known CKEditor to add rich content to your form.

*Note Content display inputs will NOT be submitted with the form

Content Display allows the editor of a form to provide useful information to a user about the form that they are filling.

First you need to have the module Form Factory Extended Inputs deployed on your platform and activated on your web project.

The module is part of Form Factory Enterprise package since version 2.1.2


FF Raffle Entry.png

When adding a Content Display there are 2 main sections:

  • Title
    • Allows to provide a title for the content body
    • Option to position title in desired location (left/right) by using the
      FF indent-outdent.png
    • Hide/Display title and/or border

FF Content Display Title.png

  • Body
    • Use the CKEditor to its full extent in order to create the content that is right for your form!

FF Content Display Body.png

Content Display can have logic rules associated with it. Use this feature to dynamically add helpful text to the form when a condition is met.

Content Display inputs are filtered out upon form submission and will NOT appear in the form submission results as demonstrated below:

FF Content Display Results.png