List of Form Factory modules

March 6, 2023
 This summary table presents all current available modules that are part of the Form Factory solution packages. 


Module Name In a few words EE
EnterpriseDistribution_FormFactory Form Factory is an advanced forms’ builder and monitoring software integrated with Jahia DX.
Form-Factory-core This is the core module for running the Form Factory on a Digital Experience Manager server.
Form-Factory-nocss-theme This module define views for all Form factory inputs without any css class.
Form-Factory-snippets-extension This is the snippets extension module for Form Factory running on a Digital Experience Manager server.
Form-Factory-extended-imputs This module provide new inputs for Form Factory: Checkbox with images: Images are used for checkboxes with checkbox and icon overlay to give feedback to the user, Accept Terms: this input allows you to have your submitter read a file and accept the conditions before submitting, conditions can be shown in a popup or in a new window/tab
Form-Factory-prefill This module provide pre-filling of Form Factory fields from a user profile or it's geo location.
MF-FF-bridge Marketing Factory - Form Factory bridge gives you the opportunity to use Marketing Factory profiles to build smarter forms : store the form values in the profiles, prefill the form elements, set them to read-only or hide them, with a few clicks.