Sending a confirmation email to a submitter

March 6, 2023

This document describes the functionality of the ‘Send Email To Submitter’ action.

This action does just as its name would suggest, and that is for a given form submission a confirmation email will be sent to the user who made the submission.


When creating/updating a form go to the actions view and select ‘Add Element’.

In the side panel select the ‘Send Email To Submitter’ action and close the side panel.


To set up the action, simply click on the edit icon associated with the action and choose the input that will represent the submitter’s email.


Form Factory will then use that field as the recipient of the submission email.

Finally we have to configure the sendEmailToSubmitter mixin options in the form display. To do this, enable send email to submitter option and fill in the following fields.



You can specify to sender’s email by entering a valid email address in the from field. You can use the server’s default from email by omitting this field.



Next enter in a subject for the email.

*This field is mandatory


Last but not least use the rich text editor in order to customize your body message.

*Note that you can use the macro system (introduced in FF 2.1) in order to use the submitted input’s information, directly in the email’s message. This is accomplished by surrounding the input’s name with {{ }}, as illustrated above.

Upon successful configuration of ‘Send Email To Submitter’ action, the submitter should receive an email reflecting the one pictured below.