Securing your forms with Google ReCaptcha

March 6, 2023

Google reCAPTCHA is one of the most popular Captcha solution on the market, this is the default captcha provided with Form Factory 2.

To activate reCAPTCHA you will need one or two API key from Google to enable client only or client/server side validation.

Go to reCAPTCHA Administration to create your keys.


Once you  have your keys, go to the "Settings" of Form Factory and add your keys after activating reCAPTCHA toggle:


Once the keys are saved, every "non authenticated" user (guest) will have to fill the captcha to be able to submit your forms.

You can decide to deactivate the captcha on a per Form basis by going to a form's metadata panel, and switching the toggle to off:


This will disable the captcha for this particular form.