About jExperience permissions

November 14, 2023

Six permissions are included with jExperience. Like other Jahia permissions, they need to be configured in Jahia administration and associated to the roles. All permissions can be found in Permissions on current site. In this menu, the following permissions them can be found in User Interface:

  • Can access jExperience
    Gives access to all panels of jExperience in Site Settings. However, only site administrators will be able to access the jExperience Settings panel.
  • Can optimize with jExperience
    Gives permission to add an optimization test on a content or a page
  • Can personalize with jExperience
    Gives permission to add an personalization on a content or a page
  • Can integrate with jExperience
    Gives permission to use Rules, Imports and Exports

The remaining privileges can be found in Other permissions:

  • Can act on templates
    Gives permission to create optimization tests on pages templates and content templates
  • Can setup jExperience
    Gives permission to access settings, properties manager and consent manager