Managing scoring plans

November 14, 2023

Scoring is a marketing practice that evaluates an individual by assigning value points to certain profile attributes or activities that they perform on the website. Based on the calculated score, you can perform appropriate marketing actions.

Most of the time scoring is done to evaluate if a prospect is ready to buy something. The most common practice is called lead scoring, but scoring is not limited to evaluating leads. jExperience enables you to create multiple scoring plans, as different departments in your company may have different priorities and scales of evaluation.

For example, a sales team will emphasize on the readiness of a prospect to sign a deal, granting points to meaningful attributes like the Job Title, the number of visits in the past weeks, meaningful pages visits like the pricing page, the demo page or an order-form PDF download. On the other hand, a support team will be more interested in evaluating the type of a visitor (technical vs others) and their need for technical help, granting points for visiting the documentation and forum sections of the website, downloading a troubleshooting brochure and looking at development videos.

Defining the scoring plan belongs to each company, depending on its industry, country and multiple other factors.

Opening the lead scoring management page

To open the lead scoring management page:

In Edit mode, navigate to Site Settings>jExperience>Profiling tools>Scoring plans.


Default screen

The default screen displays the existing lists with the following information:

  • Scoring plan name
  • Number of profiles part of the scoring plan
  • Type of scoring plan
  • Scoring plan description

Scoring plan basics

To create a scoring plan:

  1. Expand the profiling entry in the left menu.
  2. Click on Scoring plans entry.
  3. Click on the upper right menu in the right page.
  4. Choose Create new scoring plan.

To save your scoring plan, you must first give it a name, a type, and at least one condition. You can decide to share the scoring plan across websites by selecting shared option.

Scoring plan types

Enter a type for your scoring plan. The type of scoring plan you choose will define the conditions that are available to build the score. The following types are available with the conditions types they are associated to:

  • Behavioral
    Engaged in campaign, goal match, profile past event and interests
  • Aggregated
    Segments, score of others scoring plans
  • Demographic
    Profile properties
  • Complex
    All of the above

Scoring plan conditions and score attribution

Before adding conditions to a scoring plan, you need to ensure that you selected a type for this plan. Depending on the type you choose, you'll be able to add different types of conditions and associate them with points.

Inside the same scoring plan, you can add several group of conditions and associate them to a different number of points.

Scoring plans in visitors profiles

On the visitor profile pages, if the visitor belongs to some scoring plans, the name of the plan and the score are displayed in the dedicated section. If the profile reached the threshold for the plan at some point, the scoring plan name and score are displayed with a light gray background.

Score modifier

On the visitors profile page, it is possible to add a score modifier. A score modifier is a number of points (negative or positive) that can be added to a visitor for a given scoring plan.

For instance, if you know that a profile is interested in your products because you got the information by another channel, you can manually add points to ensure that the profile reaches the threshold.