Viewing referrers

November 14, 2023

referrer is the address of the last web site that a user visited before navigating to your site. You can view referrer information about users who visited your site including the search terms that they entered to find your site.

Viewing referrer metrics

To view referrer metrics:

  1. In Site Settings, navigate to jExperience>Metrics>Referrers.
  2. On the Referrers page, you can sort the table by any of the following columns:
    • Referrers
      The address of the web page that the user navigated from before visiting your site
    • Occurrences
      The number of times that users followed a link from a referrer page to your site
    • Importance
      The number of times that users followed a link from a referrer relative to the total number of visits from all referrers
  3. To filter referrer information by date, use the start and end date calendars 
    at the top right to specify a new date range. Then click OK.
  4. To see details about search terms entered on a referrer site, click Referrer searched terms 
    . The Searched terms page shows the search terms that users entered on the referrer site, the number of times that users entered the search term, and the number of times the term was entered relative to the total number of searches.
  5. To see details about a specific referrer, click Referrer details 
    . The Details for referrer shows the search term that a user entered on the referrer site, and the date, first and last name, and gender of the user. You can click on Edit profile 
    to open the profile page for the user who visited your site.