Creating rules on events

November 14, 2023


Rules enable marketers to use any event captured on the platform to trigger an action. A rule is made of:

  • An event to define when the rule will be triggered
  • An optional filter to apply the rule only to specific profiles 
  • One or more actions, which define what occurs when the rule is triggered 


Events ("When")

Each rule is associated to an event. If you want to trigger an action from two different events, you'll need to create two rules. Here are the types of events that can be used to trigger an action :

  • Visitor reaches a score
    Choose a scoring plan and define the threshold. When a visitor reaches this threshold, the actions will be triggered
  • Visitor fulfilled a goal
    Choose a goal, when the visitor fulfills the goal that you selected, the actions will be triggered.
  • Visitor session starts
    When the visitor's session starts, the actions will be triggered.
  • Visitor logs in
    When the visitor logs in, the actions will be triggered.
  • A visitor profile is anonymized
    When the visitor anonymize his profile (for instance using the privacy manager), the actions will be triggered
  • A visitor consent changes
    Choose a consent type, when the visitor updates his consent, the actions will be triggered.


Filter ("Who")

By default, all visitors triggering the event will go through the rule; but it is also possible to filter the profiles on which the actions will be applied.  

  • Apply to all visitors
    The rule will apply to all profiles
  • Apply to a specific segment
    The rule will only apply to the selected segment


Actions ("What")

The actions actually define what will be done to the profiles triggering the event. It is possible to select several actions per rule.

  • Set profile/session property
    Use this action to update any session or profile property. When selecting a profile property of date type, you can set the property to the current date.
  • Send email
    Use this action to send an email when the rule is triggered. 
If you plan to send more than 100 emails a day, you'll want to prefer an action that integrate with a 3rd party tool like Mailchimp or Marketo using Jahia Stackconnect. 
  • Add visitor profile to lists
    Use this action to add visitors profiles to a static list
  • Update session with local weather information
    This jCustomer plugin adds weather data to the visitor's current session so that you can personalize the content on your customer's weather. This plugin is not supported by Jahia but can be found by your developers at the Apache foundation.
  • Create your own rule
    Contact your IT team or read the integration guide to find out how to add a new action. 


  • Active
    Toggle off to deactivate the rule
  • Shared
    Toggle on or off if you want the rule to be shared across sites


  • Fire this rule once per profile
    Check this box to ensure that the rule will be triggered only once for each visitor.