Creating conditions

November 14, 2023

The condition builder

In personalizations, segments, scoring plans and search, marketers must define conditions to select the visitors that they want to segment, search or target. For personalizations, each set of conditions will be associated to a variant .

The conditions are grouped by categories:


Some categories are only available for personalization: Current visit and New / Returning . This is on purpose, since it's not logic to segment visitors by current visit data. Below is a summary of the condition categories and where they are available. 

Condition category Condition Available in personalizations Available in segments, scoring and searches

Dynamic segments

Scoring plans

Static lists

                     V                    V
Visitor property                        V                    V


Engaged in a campaign 

Number of pages viewed: Filter visitors who viewed a given number of pages on the current website, throughout their visits 


Time based events: Allows users to filter visitors depending on their behavior over time. Each of the following condition can be narrowed depending on the recency or frequency of the select event: 

  • Visitor downloaded a file
  • Visitor submitted a form
  • Visitor searched something: Filter visitors depending on what they searched for in your website
  • Visitor viewed a section of the site: Filter visitors if they viewed a section of a site, you'll select a page and the condition will apply for this page and all its subpages
  • Visitor viewed page within a category: Filter visitors if they viewed pages that were associated with a specific Jahia category
  • Visitor viewed a page with a tag:  Filter visitors if they viewed pages that were associated with a specific Jahia tag
  • Visitor viewed a specific page: Filter visitors if they viewed a specific page
  • Visitor viewed a video
  • Visitor clicked on a link
                     V                    V

Current visit

Geolocation (by point or administrative hierarchy)

Session duration

Session property

Device category

New / returning

New visitor

Returning visitor



Then you can add other conditions with the AND or OR operators, and build very complex target by nesting these conditions.



As it is the case for segments, marketers can build very complex rules made of several conditions, nested or not, in order to target their visitors very precisely.