Connecting SAP Hybris

November 14, 2023

Create the mount point after you have set up the site with all the required modules for Commerce IO. Before creating the mount point also ensure that you have a:

  • Valid Elasticsearch connection in Jahia
  • Hybris server available to save the mount point

Specifying mount point parameters

To specify mount point parameters:

  1. To create the mount point, navigate to Site Settings>CommerceIO>Mountpoint.
  2. In General Information, select the ElasticSearch Connection from the available connections. The following parameters contain default values.
    • Username
    • Password
    • Mountpoint name
    • ElasticSearch index prefix
  3. In Language specific information, specify the Hybris URL to connect to Hybris and related objects mapped through ESIGate. If Hybris server is installed on a remote server, provide the Hybris URL where the Hybris instance is running with the ciostorefront extension.
    • The mount point will try to fetch the Hybris storefront extension, catalog and version. If the Hybris catalog is available, the mount point validates those fields and populates them with default values.
    • In the example shown above, Hybris is installed locally on the same server as Jahia and Esigate. The default values for connecting to Hybris are:
      • Hybris URL
      • Hybris storefront extension
  4. To save the mount point, ensure that parameters pass validation. Then, click Save to run the indexation.
    A check is performed on products to index and attempt indexation in the given language.
Note: If you delete the mount point, the existing site with products and categories may stop working as all references will be lost.