GraphQL entry points

November 14, 2023

Commerce IO contains custom GraphQL entry points which pull product and category information directly from the Elasticsearch index. These entry points are located in the GraphQL package in the Commerce IO Store for SAP Hybris module. For further information on GraphQL entries, see GraphQL or explore entries through the GraphQL console in Jahia.

Commerce IO contains the following custom GraphQL entry points.


Returns a list of products. Limit and offset values and facet information are passed in and considered during search.


Returns a list of products given their SKUs.


Returns information about stock and the most up-to-date price for every SKU. This entry point updates visible product list items to enhance the user experience.


Returns the category tree from the specified initial path. This entry point is used mainly for menu components that display categories.


This entry point returns category information given a list of paths. It is used in the shopByCategory component, which is located in the Jahia SAP Hybris Integration Front-end Components module.


This entry point returns a list of buckets to reflect how many documents were discovered for the path. Given a path, a search for products is made and then an aggregation is applied on paths and the top 8 entries are returned. The entry point shows available categories for a product list and the number of items in those categories.


The entry point is similar to cioShopByCategory with the main difference being that aggregation is performed on variants and not paths. Similarly, a list of buckets with variant name and document count is returned. This entry point displays style and size options in the product list.