Signing up for Google Search Console

November 14, 2023

To sign up for Search Console:

  1. Go to and click Start now.
  2. Login with your Google account.
  3. Click Search property and then click Add property.
  4. When prompted, add the domain to your website. After adding your domain you will be asked to verify your site. Follow one of the steps recommended for this process.
  5. On the side pane, under Index, click on Sitemaps.
  6. Enter the path to your sitemap, which should be similar to: modules/comioss/sitemap?siteKey=[SITEKEY]&domain=[DOMAIN]
    For example: /modules/comioss/sitemap?siteKey=apparel-uk&domain=
Note: Google may take a couple of days to a few weeks to craws through all the URLs and indexes your site.