Catalog and checkout layers

November 14, 2023

In Commerce IO, the commerce and product layer and the checkout process layer separate search and checkout functionality. The layers use a different set of technology.

The catalog and product layer enables access to the commerce data inside of Jahia and provides components to create a rich user experience. The layer also decouples components from the commerce backend. The technology in the layer helps users find the product that they want.

The catalog and product layer uses:

  • External Data Provider from Jahia
  • Elasticsearch for indexing and searching products
  • Dedicated GraphQL API for commerce
  • ReactJS for UI components

The checkout process layer is responsible for functionality when a product is added to the cart on your site. The layer delegates the checkout process to the commerce platform to avoid duplicating complex forms and validation in Jahia. This layer is proxied because it merges data from multiple HTML sources.

The checkout process layer uses:

  • ESIGate for merging Jahia and Hybris
  • Jahia User provider for SSO
  • JSP views