Commerce IO features

November 14, 2023

You can use functionality in Commerce IO to:

  • Access and create content for your catalog. For example, you can easily customize:
    • Category pages
    • Pages with product lists that enrich your content with product information
    • The experience around your checkout flow
    • Your customer space including consent (GDPR), order and profile content
  • Ensure that your catalog is synchronized with Hybris.
  • Ensure that price and stock are up-to-date to avoid surprises for your customers.
  • Use components to provide dynamic faceting and filtering capabilities to enhance how customers browse your catalog. For example, you can enable search results that display as you type.
  • Personalize the experience with jExperience integration and specific data from Commerce IO, such as product viewed, bought, in cart, and categories viewed. You can also:
    • A/B test your categories and product detail pages
    • Search your products along with your content