Written by The Jahia Team
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This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.1.1.0 and DX V7.1.2.0

Underlying Content Platform

  • Improved locking strategy to avoid the journal to keep the lock for too long
  • Optimized locking strategy for default ISM Locking
  • Improved parsing when checking ACLs
  • Optimized mount point listeners
  • Improved locking on module upload in cluster
  • Fixed issue to be able to save internal references for properties containing ":"
  • Fixed issue when editing "About me" information which contains a link or path
  • Fixed issue with publishing workflow where e-mail was not sent to publisher
  • Improved loading of permissions to make it thread-safe
  • Fixed issue with log message about invalid atmosphere version
  • Fixed performance bottleneck on creating/removing sessions
  • Fixed issue with .ajax requests throwing an exception on cache expiration
  • Fixed issue with XEE exploit on import
  • Fixed issue when previewing file with document viewer
  • Improved password handling in REST-API
  • Introduced filtering to find controller with default filters
  • Fixed authorisation issue on site export functionality
  • Fixed compatibility issue between form builder and DXM
  • Fixed issue where parsing resources was stopped because one was not found
  • Support browser back button in web flow
  • Fixed issue in log with RequestLoadAverage entries when preloading large resources
  • Improved handling of atmosphere request to keep load average value correct
  • Fixed issue with language switcher and vanity URL
  • Improved re-indexation behavior on ACL modification
  • Improved index consistency by removing invalid property entries before re-indexation
  • Improved re-indexation behavior by skipping non-indexed properties on lock/unlock
  • Fixed issue with translation workflow e-mail
  • Introduced jahia.property to use SPNEGO filter for specific subnets only
  • Fixed issue with parsing order for CND files
  • Fixed typo in node version history helper
  • Fixed issue with registering filters on module deployment
  • Fixed issue with specific date format
  • Fixed issue with web flow in demo bundle spring-webflow-showcase
  • Improved performance by using pre-compiled pattern for marching request parameters
  • Fixed issue with invalid SQL2 statement for querying users
  • Optimization of HTML CacheEventListener
  • Excluded IE6 from supported user agents in GWT to keep compatibility with Chrome 49
  • Fixed issue with automatically created sitemap after import
  • Fixed remember me functionality
  • Introduced JBPMMailProducer protected methods and properties to make them extendable
  • Introduced a possibility to make the user label customizable
  • Fixed issue with automated unzip on OS X and Linux
  • Improved performance on search by introducing new mixin for searchable nodes only
  • Updated logos of demo-site ACMESPACE
  • Updated logo in the footer of site/server settings and user dashboard
  • Logo changes
  • Fixed issue with password reset functionality
  • Fixed issue with a non-serializable object in session
  • Fixed issue with the exception of DXM shutdown after deploying modules from sources
  • Improved logging about SuppressWarnings
  • Fixed issue with JahiaSearchIndex in the cluster
  • Fixed issue on startup of cluster nodes without a network connection
  • Improved handling of background job when job class no longer exists
  • Fixed issue with XSS Filter in form input fields
  • Fixed issue with XSS injection on formbuilder with webflow
  • Backported fix for NPE on Glassfish in JstlBaseTLV
  • Introduced new jahia.property to configure bundleCacheSize
  • Improved code for viewing split folder in repository explorer
  • Added support to share generated resources between cluster nodes
  • Added support to handle server loss with Atmosphere connection
  • Added support to handle file upload in GWT in cluster with session offloading
  • Added support to handle session expiration with session offloading
  • Updated logo on pages marked for deletion
  • Fixed issue with LanguageHelper and improved unlock strategy
  • Fixed encoding issue for tags and role descriptions
  • Added support for Spring Session 1.1.0
  • Improved usage of HttpSessionListener to support session offloading
  • Set new reconnection interval when server nodes are down
  • Improved removing of HTTP session stored items
  • Added method to skip forms on publication
  • Improved encoding of URI before calling ajax method
  • allow to display message box after execution of action
  • RB added for module deployment errors
  • Fixed issue on remote publication with invalid type constant 0 to continue reference resolution
  • Fixed issue with invalid login URL
  • Fixed issue with cache when renaming a tag
  • Fixed cache issue for referenced content with visibility conditions
  • Fixed issue with URL rewriting and vanity URL to preserve query string
  • Fixed issue on remote publication with parallel execution of replayLog
  • Fixed issue on site deletion leaving inconsistency behind

Digital Experience Manager

Edit Mode

  • Fixed issue with content template using a view
    Fixed issue when saving content with a custom choice list initializer
    Introduced "clear my locks" option for user with edit permissions
    Fixed issue with file renaming in files-images tab
  • Fixed issue with file renaming in contribute mode


  • Added check to limit the access to GWT services to users which have at least read access to JCR default workspace
    Fixed issue on recreation and publication of nodes

Server and site settings

  • Improved check for valid server name on site creation
    Removed unsupported language variants
    Fixed issue with assigning server role
    Fixed issue with link checker module in cluster
  • Fixed issue to correctly take into account the template settings for displaying footer links

External providers

  • Fixed issue with file search on Alfresco 5
    Fixed issue with refresh after renaming files on CMIS provider
    Improved validation of duplicated users on import of LDAP users
    Enable defining authentication type for LDAP connector
    Fixed issue with LDAP when search attributes for user-entries are missing
    Improved messages for insufficient permissions when editing files on external providers
    Fixed issue on automatic remount after export/import of mount points
    Improved timeout handling for LDAP providers
    Improved chache behaviour for non-existing users
    Fixed issue with cache when changing target of mount points
    Fixed issue with files on VFS mount points and image picker
    Fixed issue on mount point deletion in cluster
    Fixed issue on content operation on CMIS providers
    Fixed issue with permission on live content from CMIS providers
    Improved mount point selector
    Fixed issue with retrieving debug information for mount points
    Fixed issue with automated start/stop of mount points
    Improved password security when calling impersonate service of provider


  • Fixed issue with warning because of no subscriptions
    Fixed issue with bulk import of subscribers

Search and Replace Module:

  • Improve sort order for accent and umlaut characters in Jackrabbit queries
    Introduced possibility to use Jackrabbit date/numeric properties for faceting out-of-the-box
    Fixed issue with search on invisible parent content, in case of background incompatibility in custom implementation of search service, the fix can be disabled by adding the property "search.displayableNodeCompat" in jahia.properties


  • Introduced property to specify explicit Maven archetype version on module creation
    Fixed redirecting behaviour when enabling area of template
    Fixed issue on update of mixin which extends a nodetype
    Fixed issue with version control for template changes
    Improved logging to warn about invalid version values in module definition
    Improved warn logging when mount point is disconnected


  • Improved detection of legacy data folder after migration
    Improved naming of used atmosphere version to better differ between versions after migration
    Fixed issues on migration between DF 6.1 and DXM 7.1 (sort rules, site import, visibility rules, groups)
    Fixed issues with LDAP to handle unsupported settings of former LDAP configurations