Written by The Jahia Team
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This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.1.0.0 and DX V7.1.0.1

Underlying Content Platform

  • Disabled search/find servlet by default on new installation.
  • Improvement on module validity checks to avoid data corruption, modules containing incorrect definitions won't be allowed to start and will display an error message in the logs and in the module management. As invalid definitions were not always properly detected on previous versions, custom modules that were previously working might not start anymore and must be tested and fixed before migrating.
  • Starting from digital experience manager 7.1.1 and in cluster environments, modules do not need to be deployed on processing server last anymore and can be deployed on every cluster node in any order but in case of definitions are not backward compatible with the previous module version, the module must be installed and started on all cluster nodes simultaneously.
  • Switched to Server-Sent Events transport instead of streaming for Atmosphere.
  • Fixed portlet issue.
  • Fixed external users/groups provider multi-threading issues.
  • Fixed startup issue.
  • Fixed issue with a oneLevel view.
  • Fixed page content disappearing in some specific case.
  • Use bundle last modified date when checking resource last modified date.
  • Fixed incorrect </script> tag in header.
  • Test if the header contains "accept".
  • Restored Heartbeat Interceptor every 60s.
  • Added support for specifying proxy user and password.
  • Use temporary files and atomic file rename for generating minified and aggregated static assets to avoid race conditions.
  • Wait for a job in progress to be finished before shutting down.
  • Fixed issue with customized preview.
  • Fixed path quoting and escaping issue when using QOM and external provider.
  • Fixed multi-threading issues.
  • Fixed issue preventing configuration of external tools during installation.
  • Fixed instance methods writing to static fields.
  • Fixed license key reading issue during startup with the latest JDK8 update.
  • Security: fixed SQL injection issue on the login page.
  • Fixed mount points issue with files.
  • Moved JCR remoting servlet (/server) into the jcr-remoting module so that it is enabled only when that module is deployed.
  • Moved WebDAV servlet (/repository) into the new jcr-webdav module so that it is enabled only when that module is deployed.
  • Fixed password history issue.
  • Removed "Launch Thread Dump Analyzer" action from System health / Memory and thread dumps and tools area.
  • Use strong password encryption for users.
  • Fixed weak references issue.
  • Fixed AclCacheKey issue.
  • Fixed bridged user providers issue at startup.
  • Correctly catch exception when lock/unlock mechanism on content fail.
  • Avoid corrupted locks without tokens when save fails on content.
  • Fixed unlock mechanism issue.
  • Use valve for base authentication only.
  • Check permission on sites node for edit mode access instead of modules nodes.
  • Add rule conditions for /mounts urls
  • Fixed page loading issue when switching language.
  • Correctly get templates set name.
  • Fixed rules cache flush to get cache even if directly initialized with EHCache.
  • Adjusted cluster members status in tools to include third Ehcache channel "ehcache-jahia-big”.
  • Correctly flush all members of a group when the group is deleted.
  • Escape double quote '"' and percent sign '%' in nodes system name.
  • Fixed CMIS mount point issue where a periodical check would not be deleted when a mount point is deleted.
  • Fixed issue to not reencode file names passed to file servlet.
  • Fixed form field handling in GWT.
  • Fixed issue where inherit mixin would not work correctly on extends.
  • Export the package of the MacrosFilter to be able to use it from another module.

Digital Experience Manager

Edit Mode

  • Don't override 'break inheritance' rule when a content is created by edit engine.
  • Set default value to "no link" in image reference component.
  • Fixed label for extends mixin in edit engines.


  • Fixed content editing in content manager.
  • Added "save as work in progress" in creating a content engine in content manager.
  • Fixed locking when opening multiple engines in different languages.
  • Remove mixin that defines unstructured item from edit engine.
  • Fixed display of page name in TagManager.
  • Fixed selection issues when refreshing the tree of contents.


  • Fixed automatic Work in progress mode.

Calendar Module:

  • Updated calendar version.

Server and site settings

  • Fixed users/groups management multi-threading issues.
  • Create a user on site level and again on administration level.
  • Fixed broken "Repository index physical check" in the "Search Engine Management".
  • Remember the last non-null redirect so that we can use it to have properly working back buttons.
  • Fixed display of all members in site settings.
  • Displayed errors during module deployment in the Modules management panel. If a module is not properly installed, a "Reinstall" button allows retrying installation without having to re-upload the jar.


  • Fixed issue when using username instead of user key in some cases in Newsletter module.

Search and Replace Module:

  • Fixed users search bug.
  • Fixed "Did you mean" issue.

JDK8 Update

A compatibility issue has been identified with the latest JDK8 update (1.8.0_60), impacting the license check mechanism during initialization with DX a and preventing it from starting. The issue has been fixed with DX . In the meantime, if you have already installed this latest JDK update and are still using DX, you can disable keystore compatibility mode by configuring a security property in the Java JRE to work around this issue :

Edit the "\jre\lib\security\java.security" text file and set