Editing content items

May 31, 2024

To edit (update) a content, first you must select it.

  1. Move your mouse in the page to arrive above the content you want to edit
  2. When your mouse is over a selectable content, a black border appears.
  3. Left-click on the content.
  4. When the content is selected, two contextual toolbars appear at the top and at the bottom of the item.


Note that if you move your mouse outside of the content zone, the selection will be lost. To maintain the selection, click on the top-left check-bo, then the content will be bordered in blue.


The upper toolbar first provide useful information

- the name of the content-item ("Personalized consultation" in the screenshot above)

- the publication status (the content is "live" therefore published in the screenshot above)

Then the toolbar provides actions

- An "Edit" button, that will open the edit form to update the content (same result as if you double-click)

- A contextual menu looking like 3 vertical dots, that will provide access to several choices (edit, delete, copy, cut...)


The bottom toolbar is informational only and gives you the path of your content in the page (for instance in which area or list the content is nested).

To update your content

  1. Click on “edit” in the upper toolbar or double-click on the item. content-toolbar-edit.png
  2. In the dialog window that appears in overlay a form is displayed with all the fields and meta informations that define this particular content-item. Update the content here
  3. Validate

The content editing interfaces (or Edit forms) are fully described in this section.