Moving content items

May 31, 2024

To move a content inside a page with Page Builder

  1. First select the content you want to move by clicking on it
  2. In the top toolbar of the item click on the three vertical dots and choose “CUT”

  3. The page is automatically refreshed showing you “Paste” buttons everywhere you can paste this content.
  4. Click on éPasteé in the chosen place where you want your content to be moved.

    Note: in this first version of Page Builder, the drag and drop function is not fully performant (less that in the previous interface Page Composer) so we advise you not to use drag and drop and use copy/paste or cut/paste. If you want to move your content by drag and dropping content, switch to Page Composer.

    Also : You can CUT content from one page and paste it in another page, it works the same.