Classifying content

May 22, 2024

Classifying is an operation that consist to apply metadatas on content to order, foin, regroup or manage this content efficiently. Notably, classifying content can help to do automatic sorting or retrieving (for instance: display all content that is flagged with the tag “food”). Therefore classifying content has many benefits. For more information including how you should classify your content, see Classifying content in Jahia. The following sections show practicaly how to use tags and categories.

Using tags

Tags are the easiest way to classify content.

To add tags:

  1. Open your content for editing in Content Editor.

  2. In the section CLASSIFICATION, click on the toggle next to Tags.


  3. Start typing the tag you want to add to your content.


  4. If tags starting by the letters you've typed already exit, a list will automaticaly appear. Select a matching tag by clicking on it or pressing Enter. In the example here "pool" is the matching tag. 


  5. If there is no tag to be suggested or the existing tags don't match your need, you can simply finish typing your new tag name and press Enter to create it.

  6. Click Save.

Using categories

Categories are another way to classify your content. Categories can be created and edited from the Category Manager and require specific permissions.

To select categories for your content:

  1. Open your content for editing in Content Editor.

  2. In Categories, click on the toggle next to Categorized.


  3. You can then start typing in the input to search for the category you want to select, or you can click on the input to expand the category list.


  4. Click Save.

For more information about how to classifying content in Jahia, you can refer to the page: classifying content in Jahia.

You can access a more detailed explanation of Catagory manager here.