Content Folders

May 31, 2024

A content based-approach means that editors create content without knowing or caring where this content will appear. They use interfaces to input content “in bulk” that will be later displayed in sites or applications whenever needed.

jContent provides a single interface for editors to create and organize content and files. The jContent interface provides multiple options to support both traditional in-context or headless project approaches. Working content-first means importing and creating collections of content and files that editors will pick and reference later, to display them either in a headless application or a website. Each item in jContent has a context menu with supported actions such as preview, open, edit, lock and publish.

  • Content refers to any type of structured text (Press Release, news, blog, headline, teaser, portrait…) or references that you directly add to pages in Jahia.
  • Media are the digital assets, such as images, files and external documents, that you reference inside your pages.

In jContent you can:

  • Access content in the pages of a site in jContent>Pages will bring you to Page Builder (lien à faire)
  • Access content created directly in jContent>Content Folders
  • Access files such as images and videos in jContent>Media
  • Use additional features, including Tag Manager, Page models, Link checker and Vanity URLs in jContent>Additional
  • Extend the menus in jContent with your own modules (features), or modules provided by Jahia, such as Forms.