Previewing pages and changes

November 14, 2023

Accessing a page in Preview and Live mode

This section shows you how to open a preview of your site and get content status inside your page.

Previewing your site

You can see how your site looks in Preview and Live modes, show how the site looks for certain users, compare preview and live versions, and more. You access preview and live modes from the Preview menu and the top of your site.


You can do any of the following. To:

  • Preview the staging version of your site in a new tab, click the Preview button 
    at the top of your site page. 
  • Perform a customized site preview, click the Preview down arrow 
      and select Customized preview. Then choose to display the site for a selected user (if specific live roles are set on content) at a given date (if visibility conditions are set on content). You can also choose to preview the site as it would look on a mobile device.
  • Display the workspace version of a page or selected content beside the online version, click the Preview down arrow 
      and select Compare staging vs live version.

Accessing your site in Live mode

  • To show the live version of the site, click the Preview down arrow 
     and select Live. The live page will open in a new tab.

Showing the publication status of a page

The toolbar in Page Composer indicates the publication status of the content the contributor is currently working on. If the content in the workspace is published there is no difference between the content and the version available to visitors, Published displays next to the Publish menu, as show in the following example.


Other publication statuses are:

  • Not published
    The page is not available online (it is a new page or it has been unpublished).
  • Modified
    The page or one of its content has been modified. The changes need to be published to make them available online.
  • Marked for deletion
    The page has been marked for deletion. You will need to "publish the deletion" to delete the page online.

Showing the status of your content in a page

You can show the publication status of all the content of your page, visually show if different permissions have been set on content, if visibility condition apply, and also show untranslated content. You use the Status menu at the top-left of the page to view your content.


To show the status of your content, select any of the following options from the Status menu at the top of the page:

Publication status

To see the publication status (published, never published, unpublished, modified) of content on a page, select Show Publication status. Information layers display on the page. To mask these layers, click on one of them or clear the Show Publication status checkbox.


Permissions status

To show which live and edit roles are different compared to the parent content, select Permission status. An icon displays on content in which roles differ compared to the parent content.

Visibility status

To visually display potential visibility conditions set on content, select Show Visibility status. A red icon indicates that the content is currently not visible online (the visibility conditions are not met), a green one indicates that the content is currently visible online (the visibility conditions are met). For more information, see visibility conditions.

Untranslated content

To show whether content items have been created in languages other than in the current page, select Show untranslated content. Use this setting to see if you are missing a translation in the current language. This option only displays for multilingual sites.