Translating content with GlobalLink

November 14, 2023 is a world-leading translation company that provides professional services including website translation. Translation is performed manually by a group of professionals proficient in different languages. GlobalLink is system for managing multilingual content.

As a content editor, you submit translations requests in Jahia to GlobalLink. Requests are received and translated by and returned to Jahia. After receiving content, you review it and publish it to make it available to your site visitors. This topic shows you how to create a GlobalLink translation request from Page Composer or jContent and view the status of your requests before publishing.

Note: For more information on configuring the GlobalLink Translation Connector, see Configuring the GlobalLink Translator Connector

Creating a GlobalLink request

You can submit a translation request from Page Composer or jContent. You can submit a request to translate a:

  • page from Page Composer
  • page, content item, or folder from jContent

To create a GlobalLink translation request:

  1. To create a request from Page Composer:
    1. Navigate to the page that you want to translate.
    2. Right-click on the page in the navigation menu and select GlobalLink Translation.

      The Create GlobalLink request page opens.
  2. To create a request from jContent:
    1. Navigate to the content that you want to translate as shown in the following example.
    2. Beside the content that you want to translate, click More Options and select New GlobalLink Translation.

      The Create GlobalLink request page opens.
  3. In the Create GlobalLink request page:
    1. Specify a name for the translation request in Request name. If you choose not to specify a request name, Jahia creates a name using the <prefix> - <page name> syntax. 
    2. Starting node displays the top node of the content, page, or folder to translate. Subcontent items are included in the translation request depending on your configuration.
    3. To specify source and target languages:
      • In Source language, select the language to translate from
      • In Target languages, select the languages to translate to

        Note that these fields are required.
    4. To translate pages below this page, select Also translate subpages. This option only applies when you are sending a page for translation.
    5. To exclude content that has already been translated by, select Skip already translated content. This excludes content that exists in the targeted languages that has already been submitted to GlobalLink.
    6. To specify the date that you expect the translation to be completed by, add a date in Due date.
    7. Click Save and close the page to create the translation request.

When you save the translation request, Jahia sends the page content to and waits to receive the translated content. Content is locked until the translation is returned.

After receiving translated content, the content is populated in Jahia for the translated language. After verifying your content, publish it to make it available to your site vistiors.

Viewing the status of a translation request

You can view the status of your translation requests in the GlobalLink project requests page.

To view the status of your translation requests:

  1. Navigate to jContent>Additional>GlobalLink - request.
  2. You can view the following information for individual translation requests:
    • Tickets
      Token of the current request (for internal use only).
    • Link in jContent
      Link to the starting node in jContent.
    • Due Date
      The date and time that the translation is expected to return.
    • Submission Date
      The date and time that the translation was submittted.
    • Language Direction
      The source language and target languages.
    • Submission name
      The name that you created for the translation request.
    • Target detail
      The number of content instances that were submitted in the request.
    • Status
      Status of the submission which can be:
      • Created
        The request has been created and is waiting to be automatically submitted to GlobalLink
      • Submitted
        The request has been submitted to GlobalLink
      • Retrieved
        The content has been translated by GlobalLink and is waiting to be automatically applied to your site
      • Translated
        The content is translated on your site
      • No content to translate
        A request has been submitted but it does not contain content
  3. To view the original translation request that was submitted, click View.
  4. To sort translation requests in the table, click the sort button gl-sort.png beside a column name.
  5. To remove translations that have already been performed from Jahia, in Clean submission older than specify a value in the days field and click Clean. This does not affect your translation requests on GlobalLink and you typically perform this operation infrequently.
Note: You can also track and manage your translation requests (submissions) in the GlobalLink UI.