Managing robots.txt

November 14, 2023
Note: The following documentation applies to Robots.txt manager module, starting in version 2 and compatible with Jahia 8.0.3+

What is robots.txt file? 

robots.txt is a file used to tell crawlers how they should crawl your site. For more information about robots.txt in general, you can refer to Google documentation about robots. The robots.txt module provides a simple UI to enter the content of your robots.txt file. 

Editing and publishing the robots.txt

Jahia provides a dedicated module to manage the content of the robots.txt file. You can contact the administrators or developers you're working with to deploy that module to your platfom. The module is available on jahia store

Once the module is installed and activated on your site, refresh your jahia page and go to jContent => Additionnal => SEO => Robots.txt 

The module simplies allow you to paste the edit or to paste the content of the robots.txt file that you want to add. Once you're done, click "save en publish" at the top right at the panel. 

To access the robots.txt in live, enter the URL of your site and add /robots.txt. For instance