Analyzing visitor profiles

March 6, 2023


Profiles are at the heart of Marketing Factory, displaying all the information collected about a visitor in a single place:

  • Properties (name, age, gender, job, etc.).
  • Analytics / behavior (achieved goals, visits, pages viewed, etc.).
  • Profiling information (using interests, scoring methods, etc.).
Please note that the profiles are shared across sites (or scope).

General knowledge on the profile page

The profile page is divided in 5 parts:

  • The header, where it is possible to refresh the page, delete the profile, copy the profile as persona or access the current help page
  • The left card, displaying the most important data
  • The properties tab
  • The analytics (could also be called behavior) tab
  • The profiling tab


Left card

The left card is read-only and display the following information:

  • The picture, if the property "profile picture url" has been filled with an url referencing the image corresponding to the visitor. This property can be easily filled with the social login. 
  • First Name and Last Name, displayed if the corresponding properties are filled
  • First visit
  • Las visit
  • Any property that has been tagged as "display in left card"


Also, when clicking on the three vertical points of the card, the consents of the visitor can be displayed :



The properties will be displayed according to the type and order that can be defined using the properties manager


At the top of the tab, a filter can be used to easily see the value of a property. The filter is based on the property name:



At the top of the analytics tab, a filter can be used to change the display of all the data that is available on this tab. This filter can help you focus on a site and/or on a period.

Visitor info

The visitor info displays the following:

  • Number of visits
  • Number of pages viewed
  • Average session duration
  • Number of devices used 
  • Favorite device
  • Favorite platform
  • First refferer (if exist)
  • First external search term (if exist)


Goals, campaigns and sessions

Below the visitor info, you'll find detailed information about any goal, campaign and sessions. These data are displayed with a table that can be scrolled down ("infinite scroll") if there are many entries.



The profiling tab displays :

  • Interests
  • Scores on scoring plans : it is here possible to define a "score modifier". The score modifier doesn't set the value to the score, but will be added to the current score of the visitor. It can be set to a negative value if needed.
  • Dynamic Segments


The view of interests and scoring plans can be switched to a "list view", as per below: