About the personalizations dashboard

March 6, 2023

The personalization dashboard can be found under site settings => Marketing Factory => personalization dashboard


The dashboard has 2 tabs: one is listing the personalization done on contents and the other is listing the personalization on whole pages.

The following information is displayed when the user expands a personalization:

For the personalized area:

  • System name
  • Number of variants
  • A link to the page containing the personalization
  • Publication status of the personalization
  • Ajax rendering: true / false
  • Active : true / false
  • Fallback variant name
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Content display strategy

For each variant in the personalization:

  • System name
  • Friendly name
  • A preview button (Note: the preview doesnt include the css of the site and might not match the final rendering)

The textbox at the top of the page can help you finding the personalization youre looking for. It will filter the current list based on all the fields that are displayed (either for the variant or for the personalized area).