Using incoming search reports

March 6, 2023

1. What is an incoming search?

An incoming search is a set of words that were entered in a search engine before they accessed your website. Incoming searches are also known as search terms but since internal searches is another feature of marketing factory, we wanted to ensure that no confusion could be made.

2. Incoming searches panel

The incoming searches panel can be accessed from Marketing Factory, in the site metrics. In the table, for each searched terms, you can see:

  • the searched terms
  • the number of occurrences: this is the number of sessions associated to the searched terms
  • The importance: calculated from the occurrences of this searched terms compared to others


  • Details: this action takes you to another panel where you can see each profile. For each profile, you can see the visitors first name, last name, date and time of the session and have the ability to access the profile page.

The incoming searches can be filtered by date.

3. Incoming searches in personalizations

Incoming searches are available as personalization condition, allowing marketers to personalize content depending on the source of traffic.

4. Incoming searches in drill down analytics

Incoming searches are also available in the drill down analytics, allowing marketers to analyze the impact of the source of traffic on the conversion rate for a goal.