Marketing Factory 1.9.2

March 6, 2023

Marketing Factory 1.9.2 is compatible with Unomi jahia 1.3.1.

Marketing Factory 1.9.2


  • ​Authorize caracters - : and _ in profile properties ids
  • ​Manage sub content view in personalizations and optimization test
  • ​New permission "Optimization test on templates"
  • ​In profile, analytics tab, display "Visited categories" and "Visited tags"

Bug fixes

  • When deleting a personalization fallback, no fallback is set
  • Search bar in Rules / profiles imports / exports is not working
  • Referrers are not taken into account
  • Card's name disappear after deleting new property
  • Geolocation based perso display will fail if on landing page
  • Cannot read title of goals if they're too long
  • Form mapping - cannot select form fields to map
  • Labels for time based conditions "sections" is wrong
  • Visitor profile - Analytics tab - Site filter doesn't work
  • In Form Factory bridge, No default language management for MF consent field
  • Content types can be selected even though there is no content template on it

Apache Unomi 1.3.1-Jahia

  • When login / logout / login with another user, user data is lost
  • ​First name and last name are not copied from dx to Unomi