Modules List

November 11, 2022
 This summary table presents all current available modules that are part of the Marketing Factory solution packages. 
Module Name In a few words EE
Marketing_Factory_package Marketing Factory is an AB testing and personalization software integrated with Jahia DX that allows to optimize visitors’ conversion rate through data collection and advanced personalization. Built on Jahia’s core platform, Digital Experience Manager, Marketing Factory has been designed to centralize and leverage visitors' data to optimize the conversation rate of a Jahia DX based website.
Marketing-Factory-core This module contains a components to be used in templates and pages to integrate web experience management into a site.
Marketing-Factory-components This module contains DX components relying on Marketing Factory. Following components are available : Privacy manager, Personalized slider, Personalized carousel, Not you button
Marketing-Factory-angular Deprecated module, not used anymore after MF 1.7.x
Marketing-Factory-oauth-data-mapper The Jahia Marketing Factory OAuth data mapper module provides the ability to map each visitor attribute from the Oauth connectors to Marketing Factory visitors profiles. Relying on Unomi Customer Data Platform, this module is more adapted to heavy data collection and allow analytics and personalization based on this data through Marketing Factory.
MF-Google-Analytics This module allows you to display the Marketing Factory AB Tests and personalizations data collected on a Jahia DX based website into a related Google Analytics account, thus enriching the informations needed to monitor and optimize the performance of this digital channel.