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About the Tag manager

You access Tag manager from jContent>Additional>Tag manager. The Tag manager allows you to see all tags applied on all the content items of the current site.

  • In default repository (by authors when editing content)
  • In the live repository (by visitors)

Use the button located at the top right to switch from default to live repository.

The panel shows the complete list of tags for the selected repository in three columns

  • Tag
    Display the tag as stored in the repository
  • Occurrences
    Display the number of time this tag is applied on content items
  • Actions
    Let the administrator execute several operations

Note that columns are sortable by clicking on their name.

The list is also filterable, by using the "search" field just above the table. The filtering is done on the fly as long as the administrator type characters in this field.

View usages

By clicking on the "view usages" entry the panel will display the full list of content items on which this tag has been applied.


Then you can:

  • Open the page containing this tag (in a new window) to view the content in-context, by clicking on its name.
  • Remove (delete) the tag occurrence from a particular content (red menu, default action)
  • Rename the tag applied on a particular content (red menu). Just type the new tag name that must replace the existing one then validate, the list is refreshed and, obviously, the occurrence has disappeared from the list.

Renaming a tag

From the tag list you can also rename a tag.

To rename a tag:

  1. Choose Rename in the menu.
  2. Type the new value then click Rename. This will rename all the occurrences for this tag with the new value. The delay for renaming depends on the number of occurrences, as each occurrence is a separate entry.

Deleting a tag

You can delete tags that you no longer require.

To delete a tag:

  1. Choose Delete in the menu.
  2. Confirm your choice by clicking Delete in the confirmation window. Beware that this operation is irreversible and will delete all occurrences of this tag for the current website in the selected repository (default or live).