About the Additional panels

May 31, 2024

The Additional section of jContent provides access to additional features. The features you see in this section depend on your role, and on the project you are working on. It is most likely that some are provided by default by Jahia and some are custom to your project. Your administrator is in charge of activating and deactivating these features.

The additional features provided by default with jContent are:

  • Page models
    Lists all the pages useable as page models.
  • Link checker
    Verifies the validity of the links in your site
  • Tag manager
    Shows all tags applied on all the content of the site
  • Vanity URLs
    Dashboard for managing the vanity URLs created on the pages and content of your site

The following features can be activated by your administrator:

  • Content Reports
    Reports that you can generate to monitor and troubleshoot your content
  • Site publication
    Used by site administrators to publish large sites or large sections of a site
  • Search and replace
    Allows you to search occurences of a term in your site and replace it with the desired one.