Searching folders and pages

May 31, 2024

By default, you can search on the current folder or page. This enables you to limit search results to the current folder and its subfolders or to the current page and its subpages. When search results display, you can also search globally on the entire site.

Searching content and files

You can search for content and files in the current page or globally across your site.

To search content in jContent:

  1. Browse to the folder or page in which you want to perform the search.
  2. Click Search in the header. The Search dialog opens.
  3. By default, the search applies to the folder or page you navigated to. You can decide to search in the whole site instead by selecting in Website "current site" under Search location.
  4. Enter search criteria in the Search keyword field.
  5. Optionally, in the Type drop-down, select a content type to restrict results to that type.
  6. Click Search. 
  7. From the search result page, you can edit your query by:
    • Editing the search term directly in the search field. The search result list will be automatically updated.
    • Clicking Edit query to open the Search dialog again.

About Advanced search

You can perform an advanced search by enabling Advanced search at the top right of the Search dialog. Advanced search is intended for advanced users or developers. It allows you to write a custom search query, using the JCR/SQL2 format, to narrow search results better than what is achievable with the simple search. The search query is also reflected in the URL and you can shared them with other users or bookmarked for your own needs.

For security reasons, the value of “ISDESCENDANTNODE” cannot be modified.

Available actions for the search results

The search results appear in a list just like when browsing pages and content folders. You can:

  • Preview the content and use your keybaord arrow keys to navigate between results
  • Edit, delete, publish content
  • Copy content and paste it for instance in a page opened in Page Composer opened in another tab
  • Select several content items to perform these operations as well

Locating a search result

You can open the source page or content of any item that your search returns.

To navigate to the parent folder or page of a search result:

  1. Perform a search.
  2. Open the context menu of the desired search result.
  3. Click Locate. You are now redirected to the folder or page containing the searched item.

Saving a search query

If you often access the same content, you can save a search query and run it again to access the content. While jContent does not support saving search queries, you can bookmark the query in your browser.

To save a search query:

  1. Perform the desired search.
  2. Create a bookmark in your browser with the current page or URL.

As the query is part of the URL, you can also easily share the query with other contributors.