Using incoming search reports

November 11, 2022
Note: Marketing Factory is renamed to jExperience in version 1.11 and Apache Unomi is renamed to jCustomer. The 1.10 documentation has been updated to reflect the product name change.

An incoming search is the search term, or set of words, that a user enters in a search engine before accessing your website. You can view detailed information about the searches, such who performed the search and the website from which an incoming search originated.

Note: You can also view information about search terms entered from within your site in Interpreting internal search reports.

Viewing incoming searches

To view incoming searches:

  1. In Site Settings, navigate to jExperience>Metrics>Incoming searches.

    Incoming searches display in the main window.
  2.  You can sort search terms by:
    • Searched terms
      The search term that a user entered in a search engine
    • Occurrences
      The number of sessions associated with a searched term
    • Importance
      The number of occurrences of a searched term relative to the total number of searches
  3. To filter incoming searches by date, use the start and end date calendars 
    at the top right to specify a new date range. Then click OK.
  4. To view the referrers associated with an incoming search, select Occurrences by referrers 
    for a specific search. In the Occurences by referrers page, referrer names display in the Referrers column and are ordered by importance.
  5. To view profile information about users who performed incoming searches, in the Actions column, select Incoming search details 
     for a specific incoming search. The Incoming search details page shows referrers, the date and time of the session, and a visitor's first name, last name, and gender. You can click on Edit profile 
    to open the profile page for the user who performed the search.

Incoming searches in personalizations

Incoming searches are available as personalization condition, allowing marketers to personalize content depending on the source of traffic.

Incoming searches in drill down analytics

Incoming searches are also available in the drill down analytics, allowing marketers to analyze the impact of the source of traffic on the conversion rate for a goal.