Marketing Factory 1.10.1

November 11, 2022

Marketing Factory 1.10.1 is compatible with Unomi 1.3.3 and DX

Marketing Factory 1.10.1/Unomi 1.3.3


  • Personalization editor (in Site Settings): New options "Copy personalization path"  and "view in edit mode"
  • Optimization tests editor (in Site Settings): Configure Optimization tests on contents  and see reporting
  • Configure connection between Marketing Factory and Unomi in one cfg file, for all sites
  • Configure Unomi by editing one configuration file:
  • New options for tracking non DX websites: tags, categories, interests, forms

Bug fixes:

  • Permission review for personalizations and optimization tests from site settings 
  • Personalization and optimization tests on remote instance are not working
  • IE11- Many UI bugfixes
  • Error when creating condition on personalized list
  • Rule that set a bool property doesn't work and "corrupts" the profile