Marketing Factory 1.10.0

November 11, 2022

Marketing Factory 1.10 is compatible with Unomi Jahia 1.3.2 and DX

Marketing Factory 1.10

Include all the improvements and bugfixes of Marketing Factory 1.9.2 and the following:


  • JavaScript tag to collect pages viewed on websites that are not powered by Jahia​ DX
  • Personalization of content that is not in web pages (living in /content)​
  • New UI for the condition builder
  • Optimization tests on pages templates ​
  • New tab for DX pages: metrics, displaying the number of pages viewed per language​
  • GraphQL API for personalized content
  • "My news" component ​
  • New organization of Marketing Factory site settings panels ​
  • Marketing Factory panels are now lighter and faster to load​

Bug fixes

  • "trigger a dom event on display" feature has been removed
  • Number of page views in profile is wrong (but correct in site dashboard)
  • Impossible to create a form mapping - Can't select form in visual picker