Upgrading to Marketing Factory 1.10.1

March 6, 2023


  • Read all of the instructions on this page carefully before proceeding with the upgrade process.
  • Run a pre-production test first.
Note: Marketing Factory version 1.10.0 will be removed from downloads to facilitate future updates of Marketing Factory and Unomi. 
This procedure is working to update to Marketing Factory 1.10.1 and Unomi 1.3.3 from:
  • Marketing Factory 1.10.0 (working with Unomi 1.3.2) 
  • Marketing Factory 1.9.2  (working with Unomi 1.3.1)
  • Marketing Factory 1.9.0  (working with Unomi 1.3.0) 

1. Stop the existing module of Marketing Factory core (1.9.0, 1.9.2 or 1.10)
2. Stop the existing instance of Unomi (1.3.0, 1.3.1 or 1.3.2)
3. Download and install Unomi Jahia 1.3.3

4. Starting in Unomi Jahia 1.3.3, Marketing Factory can be configured using only one configuration file unomi.custom.system.properties .  Create this file in the <unomi-install-dir/etc folder. Add in this file all the properties that you previously changed  in the cfg files.

5. Start Unomi 1.3.3 using ./start command in the operating system shell.
6. Connect to the Unomi Karaf SSH Shell using an SSH client such as in the following example (default password karaf):
ssh -p 8102 karaf@localhost
8. Start Unomi (only needed when running Unomi 1.3.3 for the first time).
9. Update DX module "Marketing Factory core" to version 1.10.1, ensure that the module is started.


10. Once the Marketing Factory module is started, it will create the following configuration file in your DX installation folders: /digital-factory-data/karaf/etc/org.jahia.modules.marketingfactory.settings-sample.cfg.
Rename the file name to org.jahia.modules.marketingfactory.settings-global.cfg (replace "-sample" by "-global")
Configure this file as described in the section 3.2. of the installation, configuration fine tuning guide. (please make sure that you read this section carefuly).

Here is an example for a local installation (not secure for production):

# Mandatory connection properties are:

# Optional properties and there default value:
# Trust all certificate

# Use public addresses for admin

# jCustomer KEY

The configuration will be reloaded without restarting the DX server, but ensure that you do it for each DX cluster node.