Viewing the most visited pages on your site

November 11, 2022
Note: Marketing Factory is renamed to jExperience in version 1.11 and Apache Unomi is renamed to jCustomer. The 1.10 documentation has been updated to reflect the product name change.

Most visited pages are a record and ranking of the pages that users visited on your site. You can view further information such as profiles of users who visited the pages.

Viewing most visited pages

To access internal search reports:

  1. In Site Settings, navigate to jExperience>Metrics>Most Visited Pages.
  2. On the Most Visited Pages page, you can sort the table by any of the following columns:
    • Page
      The URL of the page the user visited
    • Occurrences
      The number of times the page was visited
  3. To filter pages by date, use the start and end date calendars 
    at the top right to specify a new date range. Then click OK.
  4. To see details about a specific search term, click Profile details 
    . The Profile details page opens containing the following tabs:
    • Profiles
      Shows a list of visitors that visited the page. If the visitor is identified, their first and last name display under Profile. Otherwise, the visitor's ID displays.
    • Occurrences
      The number of times the page was visited by a specific profile
    • Importance
      The number of page visits by a person relative to the total number of page views
  5. You can also click on Edit profile 
     to open a visitor's profile. You can return to the Profile details page by clicking on the arrow next to profile.