November 11, 2022
Note: Marketing Factory is renamed to jExperience in version 1.11 and Apache Unomi is renamed to jCustomer. The 1.10 documentation has been updated to reflect the product name change.

This guide shows you how to install, configure and fine-tune jExperience. It is intended for system administrators and advanced users. The guide has the following sections:

  • Prerequisites
    Provides information on prerequisites and system requirements
  • Installing Elasticsearch, jCustomer, and jExperience
    Shows how to install ElasticSearch, jCustomer and jExperience and describes how to start and stop the server
  • Configuring main jCustomer features
    Shows how to configure main jCustomer features
  • Setting up a cluster
    Shows how to install Elasticsearch, jCustomer, and jExperience in a cluster
  • Upgrading jCustomer
    Shows how to backup and upgrade jCustomer
  • Verifying the install
    Shows how to validate specific functionality in jExperience and jCustomer